JavaScript and Page Load Speed - the right way

This is a quick post to list the methods of initilizing your JavaScript the right way in terms of Page Load Speed and in turn SEO rankings improvements.

jQuery helper

What it looks like;


    console.log("DOM loaded but not fully parsed");



  • This jQuery helper is
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Sequelize the Multi-Database ORM

The Sequelize library provides easy access to a number of databases by mapping database entries to objects and vice versa.

  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • SQLite
  • PostgreSQL

ORM = Object-Relational-Mapper.

The library is written entirely in JavaScript and can be used in the Node.js environment easily as it or part of a framework

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Angular.js final callback after ng-repeat

I have a firm belief that in modern web development, the View logic belongs in the browser (with a great framework of course!).
Most Node.js apps I work with use Angular.js to handle our View logic. In this article we will look at a solution to a common

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Git ever wanted an undo-commit command

Git is an amazing version control software I find essential to every moment i spend developing on any OSS or even at work.

Powerful as Git is, sometimes git can lack the obvious to human concepts like an undo option.

When you commit a change hastily, sometimes you wish you

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Use Color Picker to Customize Bootstrap

Custom Bootstrap using Color Pickers instead of HEX text entry

Customize and download Boostrap

Source: getbootstrap.com/customize/

For those of you wanting your Twitter Boostrap 3.1 to look apart from the rest you will be interested in customizing the LESS variables to define colors, sizes and more inside your custom CSS stylesheets

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